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How To Slash Your Wedding Venue Costs In Half!

budget wedding venue ideas
25 Hacks for Halfing your wedding venue costs!

  1. Instead of having the ceremony and a reception at different locations, combine the two and use one location for both!
  2. If you want to avoid the costs of an all day and night party, have a wedding in the morning followed by a brunch reception instead.
  3. Choose a weekday rather than a weekend day.
  4. Pre-book during off-season, which is typically winter or the cooler months of the year.
  5. Find a freshly launched location that is looking for customers and is giving specials.
  6. It is typically possible to negotiate cheaper costs when payment is made in full up front.
  7. Backyard wedding with selfcatering, BBQ, buffet, and picnic style, potluck reception.
  8. Outdoor camping in the forest or woodland, with everyone bringing their own tent for weekend pleasure.
  9. Places with tables and benches can usually found at a riverside location.
  10. Castle Ruins - excellent photo opportunity - make certain that utilities are available nearby.
  11. Community hall - you can rent out the space.
  12. Church Hall - you can rent out the space.
  13. Village Hall - you can rent out the space.
  14. Sports Hall - you can rent out the space.
  15. The sports hall/assembly hall of a nearby school can be rented.
  16. Choose a quaint, rustic restaurant or bar that caters for weddings or has a private room for hire.
  17. Air B+B - there are several lovely villas available for hire at reasonable rates - perhaps a pool party?
  18. Boat Trip on the water paired with dining on board.
  19. Farmers Field Rental.
  20. Hire a Marquee for an outdoor wedding reception.
  21. Buildings with historical significance that rent out interior and outdoor space
  22. Stunning gardens in which you may rent out outside space while also having access to the facilities.
  23. Beach front, make sure there are utilities on the beach and that you will be able to celebrate till the wee hours of the morning with BBQ, fireworks, sparklers, and a bonfire.
  24. Garden party with a vintage afternoon tea party theme for a reception in the garden.

20 Questions to ask your venue vendor

1. Is the wedding venue available on your chosen date?
2. How many guests can be accommodated, standing and seated?
3. What time can we access the wedding venue to decorate?
4. Can we get ready at the wedding venue?
5. Is there a secure room to store the gifts?
6. Is there disabled access, downstairs toilets?
7. What is the timeline for the day?
8. Is it an open bar, what are the bar prices?
9. Can we bring a bottle, do you charge corkage?
9. Can we instruct our own caterers, bring our own food?
10. What is included in the venue hire package?
11. How many serving staff will be there on the day?
12. Is there accommodation for us and guests?
13. Can we get a discount for block room bookings?
14. Do you have a wedding cake stand or do we bring our own?
15. Are there any other weddings on the same day as ours?
16. What time do we have to leave?
17. What are the cancellation terms?
18. Can I have an itemized invoice - see a full breakdown of costs
19. Insurance?
20. Can we get a better price on weekday, out of season, am booking?20 great ideas for low budget wedding venues include:

12 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

When the wedding date is set, the wedding guest list is decided, the wedding budget agreed you can take that information and start looking at the wedding ceremony and reception venues.

Things to consider:

  1. Distance from where you live
  2. Distance and available transport between ceremony and reception site
  3. Parking /disabled access /child friendly
  4. Can your guests get their easily
  5. Venue guests capacity
  6. Indoor/outdoor and contingency re weather
  7. What is included with the booking
  8. Do they cater for all dietery requirements
  9. Check their insurance
  10. Cost as it works out per person
  11. Cancellation terms
  12. Take out insurance
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