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25 Ways To Cut Your Rustic Wedding Costs in HALF!

How To Plan A Budget Rustic Wedding For Less Than $5000

Learn How To Slash Your Rustic Wedding Costs with these easy hacks

Toss out the roses, the thrones, and the high heels and replace them with hay bales and cowgirl boots.

With a rustic wedding, you may celebrate your nuptials in harmony with the natural world while still showcasing your creative side. In addition, they're a good value. If you're on a tight budget and want your wedding to be both beautiful and economical, consider a rustic wedding theme. This section of the website is dedicated to rustic wedding preparation, and it has a wealth of resources, such as information on rustic reception venues and low-cost rustic wedding invites, flowers, decorations, and cake.

5 Ways to slash the cost of a Rustic Wedding Venue

When planning a rustic-themed wedding on a budget, consider having the ceremony and reception in the same location to make the most of the surrounding natural beauty and elements. Your rustic wedding location will cost less if you choose a weekday or off-season date.You can further lower the expense of your rustic wedding setting by catering your own event, like a BBQ, Pig Roast, or Pot Luck. It's worth thinking about hiring someone close to you to perform at your wedding instead of seeking a wedding gift. Respect their wishes not to be treated as hired labor, as they are there as guests. As with photography, you can accomplish the same thing, but seek the help of several friends rather than just one.


  1. The ceremony and reception should be held in the same place.
  2. The wedding should be held during the week and during a less busy time of year.
  3. Take charge of your own food service.
  4. Invite a musician or DJ friend or family member to play or DJ your wedding instead of giving them a present.
  5. Instead of a wedding present, ask for photos from a few of friends or family members. Because of the time commitment, this is a better option than one.

5 Ways to Cut The Costs of Your Rustic Wedding Seating

There are a few things to consider if you plan to host both the ceremony and reception in the same location, and one of them is how to create the scene. Make sure you've got the funds to cover it! You don't want to do this while you're wearing your wedding dress. Rows of chairs are separated by an aisle that leads to a picturesque arch in the traditional rustic wedding seating layout. You can also have your guests create a circle around you and stand.

  • The tables, a wedding ceremony arch, a wedding tent, and trees can all be decorated with fake or real green garlands to create a rustic feel.
  • Hire or borrow event tables, decorate and arrange them, and then cover them with a fresh tablecloth.
  • Your rustic outdoor wedding and reception can benefit from the use of fold-up chairs provided by your local community center or school.
  • Borrowing mismatched tables, chairs, and linens from family, friends, and neighbors is a great way to save money on your rustic boho or shabby chic wedding.
  • For a low price, wooden pallets can be used to create rustic furniture such as tables, chairs and lounge spaces. Local builders' shops, scrap yards, and landfills are good places to find supplies.

5 Ways To Cut Your Wedding Stationery Costs in half


As the Founder of The Low Budget Wedding Network®, I'm always on the lookout for inventive ways to cut costs when it comes to wedding stationery and decor. See how much money you may save by using my wedding stationery tips and tricks!

    cheapest wedding invitations
    All-in-1 Invitations lower costs and waste!

    All my invitations (unless they're magnetic or have a photo on the back) have text template fields BOTH sides so you can reduce costs by not having to purchase additional enclosures.
The back of most wedding invitations has a pattern or a plain black background. Additional enclosures  including  RSVP cards, gift registry information, and even hotel instructions and reception material may need to be purchased as a result. The cost of your wedding invitations will go up significantly if you include all of these additional enclosures and details cards!

In contrast, all of my wedding invitations, even my cheapest (beginning at $0.30), include text template fields on both sides unless they are magnetic or have a photo on the back. If you have a QR code for your wedding website, you may insert it here. Attendees will be able to utilize their preferred method of communication (email, text, or social media) to provide their feedback. It's up to you whether or not you want to provide information about a live-stream or a drive-by of your wedding.

More information is needed to advise your guests of what to anticipate and ensure they come on time for a less conventional wedding than ever before. For example, you may include details on the hotel's amenities, location, and reception. To make the most of the available space, keep your writing short and to the point.

This simple idea can halve the cost of your wedding invitations!

Budget Russtic Wedding Invitations from $0.30!

budget rustic wedding invitations
To help couples save money on wedding decor, stationery, and gifts, I'm always on the lookout for new ideas that are both creative and cost-effective. In the wake of this, I've come up with some creative ways to ensure that you may still enjoy high-quality design and printing at a fraction of the cost of traditional wedding invitations.

My flyer invitations start at less than $0.30, £0.30, with bulk discounts and promotions. High-quality printing at an affordable price is provided by these low-cost flyer invitations. Because the massively low budget price they do not include envelopes, and like all flyers they are "paper light" (like regular flyers you get through your door). If you're in need of envelopes, you may easily find them at locations like Amazon #ad.

If you want a more conventional cardstock, the Semi-Gloss Sheets are my recommended low-cost invitation option.

You may find out more about the various low-cost rustic wedding invitation possibilities by consulting my handy chart. My best value budget invitations however are the Semi-Gloss Sheets if you want traditional cardstock. Take a look at my handy chart to learn more about the different budget rustic wedding invitation options.

You can make even great savings on your wedding invitations by ordering evites and sending your weddinginvtiations via email. You can design and make your own - althought the costs of this can escalate. So be sure to stick to a budget. You can scrap the idea of invitations alltogether and simply send an email to your guests to invite them.
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