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Low Priced Wedding Cake Ideas 2022

How to have a cheap wedding cake that looks and tastes delicious

As brides, we hope that our wedding cake will elicit a significant amount of interest. Ideally, people will congregate around it and admire the creation, which represents the couple's newly formed union. Hearing the "oohs" and "ahs" and having conversations about the décor, colors, and height of the cake are all things we dream about during the planning process. All of your guests should be taken aback by the beauty of your wedding cake, and they should be eager to dig in.

A smaller number of guests means a smaller cake, which means a lower cost.

When choosing a cake, one of the most important factors to consider is the number of people who will be attending the event. Using the above example, if you are serving a $1.50 per slice cake to 300 guests, your cake will cost $450 without any decorations. One way to save money is to keep the guest list as small as possible.

The more intricate the details of your cake decoration, the higher the cost of your cake.

If you want a four-tiered cake with a lace-like pattern, keep in mind that the pattern must be done by hand and can take several hours to complete from start to finish. Certain patterns, piping designs, and detailed frosting designs can take a significant amount of time and effort to complete successfully. Keep in mind that this labor will increase the cost of your product. So, if you want to save money on decorations, keep them as simple as possible.

Fresh flowers on top of the cake always help to keep the costs down.

When it comes to edible and beautiful gum paste flowers, we as brides are completely enthralled by the possibilities. They are virtually identical to the real thing in appearance and contain every detail of the real flowers. These beautiful details come at a cost, however. If you choose to decorate with fresh flowers instead of artificial ones, your décor will be just as beautiful without the high cost of artificial flowers.

Ribbons are a simple way to incorporate your wedding colors into your wedding cake design without making it look too formal.

In this way, you can add decorations to your cake without increasing the cost. My tastes are fairly straightforward, so the idea of wrapping the cake in a thick, beautiful ribbon and pinning it with pearl pins is one that I particularly adore. There's nothing complicated about this cake decoration, and the pearl adds a subtle touch of sophistication. When it comes to wedding cake decoration, using ribbons rather than icing can result in a stunningly beautiful cake at a low cost once again.

Make your way to the supermarket.

Many grocery stores will work with you to ensure that your colors and decorations are consistent with your theme. Cake tastings can be scheduled with them, and some even have faux layers to choose from!

Create a faux wedding cake.

In order to have the drama of a beautiful wedding cake without the expense, many brides opt for this option. In the back, they will have a fake cake as well as a sheet cake that has been cut up for the guests. This is an excellent option for brides who are on a tight budget. Baking faux cakes is possible for bakers because many of their store displays are made to look like real baked goods. In most cases, a baker will not be able to accommodate your request, but you can always inquire. If you prefer, you can have it made so that only a portion of the cake is made of fake ingredients. You can still participate in the cake-cutting ceremony in this manner.
Keep the flavors as simple as possible.

Keep in mind that some bakers will increase the price depending on the flavor you choose or if you choose more than one flavor, so keep this in mind when placing your order. If the cake is yellow, you must once again consider whether or not your guests will have a bad night as a result of this. I've never been to a wedding where the flavor of the cake has left me feeling uninspired or disappointed.

Simple shapes are less expensive - round cakes are the most affordable and easiest to decorate because of their simplicity.

A growing number of bakers see themselves as artists who are pushing the boundaries and creating wonderful edible works of art. Wedding cakes are no exception. As a result, if you want a cake shape that is difficult to ice or decorate, you'll have to pay for it yourself.

Baker's Questionnaire 

  • Can you tell me about the price of your wedding cakes?
  • Is it possible to have a wedding cake customized, or do you only work with a few different styles?
  • What are the various cake flavors and fillings that you have to offer?
  • In what style of icing do you specialize? Fondant? What about butter cream, do you think?
  • Is there anything else that isn't included in the base price that I should know about?
  • Is the top tier included in the price that has been listed?
  • Can you tell me how far in advance my cake will be made?
  • Who will be responsible for baking my cake?
  • Is there a fee for cutting the cake?
  • What method will be used to deliver the cake?
  • When it comes to the perfect wedding cake, it should take your guests' breath away and make them eager to dig in.

What kind of wedding cake would you like to have?

Thinking about your personality and the things that you enjoy is a great way to figure out what you want in your birthday cake. Do you get a kick out of grandiose, theatrical events? It is possible that you would prefer a tall cake with a lot of decoration in this case. Are you planning a small wedding reception with only a few close friends and family members and believe that a large wedding cake for 200 people would be overkill?

What will be the theme of your wedding celebrations?

Another important factor to consider when deciding on the type of wedding cake you want is the theme of your wedding. Remember to take into consideration the motifs that will be used throughout the wedding; the cake should also reflect this, as it will be a focal point at the reception. Should you really go for the elaborate cake with a swath of flowers flowing from it if you're going for an urban sophistication-themed wedding? It's possible; however, that a cake of this size would be perfect for a garden theme. Following the selection of a wedding theme, the design of your cake will begin to take shape (no pun intended).

Tips for Choosing a wedding cake Designer

Take a look around.

I believe it is appropriate to have at least three bakers accompany me on my visit. When it comes to finding the best deals, you want to be able to compare prices from different vendors. As a result, don't make the mistake of booking the first person you meet. Attend a meeting with them if possible. Pay a visit to their respective websites.


Inquire about references. I had planned to meet with and book a specific wedding baker because their prices were the most reasonable I could find. When conducting research for my clients, I make it a point to check with the Better Business Bureau first. And in this particular instance, I discovered that there were two negative complaints about the product and delivery of this vendor. 

Inform the baker of your budget as soon as possible.

Everyone will be aware of what they are up against in this manner. Even if you spend hours sitting and tasting all of the cakes you want, you will eventually discover that they are out of your price range. Knowing your budget ahead of time allows you and the baker to find something within your price range, saving both of you and the baker valuable time.

Everything has to be put down on paper.

When speaking with the baker, double-check that everything in the contract is in fact in the agreement. If you require delivery at a specific time and the baker agrees, make sure to specify this in the agreement.

The person who bakes and decorates your wedding cake can also be included in this category. Check that it includes all of the pricing and that you understand what happens if you decide to cancel. The contract should contain all of the necessary information. a.

This will ensure that there is no confusion on your wedding day, thereby reducing unnecessary stress. To ensure that everything you want is covered in the contract, it's a good idea to go over it with the baker a few days to a week before the wedding. Best of luck on your cake-hunting expedition!

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