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How to Plan a Rustic Wedding 2022

how to plan a backyard wedding

how to plan a rustic wedding

how to plan a rustic wedding

how to plan a rustic wedding

how to plan a rustic wedding

how to plan a rustic wedding

how to plan a rustic wedding

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If your wedding will take place on a farm, in a barn, or in a similar setting, a rustic design scheme may be ideal. However, you want to strike a balance between the relaxed country vibe and the refinement and elegance that a wedding deserves. These are a few pointers on how to do rustic properly.

One of the most important considerations when planning a rustic wedding is that it should retain elements of elegance and grace. You don't want it to come across as too rough around the edges, regardless of how natural or raw the space is. The trick is to find a way to emphasize the rustic charm that makes your wedding venue unique while also adding a touch of simple beauty.

Consider your guests' comfort as well. For example, rough-hewn wooden beams would look stunning in a barn ceiling but would be hazardous as floorboards. Couples frequently prefer the look of hay bales for ceremony seating at autumn weddings. While they do have a rustic charm, the hay is scratchy and prone to snag your guests' clothing. A perfect compromise would be to continue using the haybales but to drape a small blanket or piece of cloth across the top of each. Plaid picnic blankets in autumn hues are ideal.

If your reception will be held in an old barn, there are several wonderful ways to make it feel festive and lovely while remaining true to the barn's rustic nature. Strings of white lights strung through rafters and beams can create a romantic glow throughout your reception. Choose simple wildflower bouquets in white vases for a down-home country feel, or go all-out with impressive centerpieces that incorporate a variety of natural materials, including flowers, branches, berries, and leaves.

The bride and groom should consider finding wedding attire that complements the rustic setting. Once again, there is a way to dress for a country setting that is both unique and appropriate for a wedding. In other words, you should probably avoid wearing a tuxedo, but denim overalls are also inappropriate. The happy medium is achieved by selecting a bridal gown and wedding jewelry with a handmade feel. While linen and silk shantung are dressy enough for a wedding, their coarse texture makes them ideal for a rustic setting. Handmade wedding jewelry featuring unique elements such as coin pearls is the ideal complement to a casual bridal gown.

Country chic is a popular trend in wedding cuisine, and it's quite simple to achieve. Look for delectable items such as organic produce grown locally for salads and free-range poultry for the main course. Strawberry shortcake, brimming with large, ripe strawberries and fresh cream on homemade biscuits, is an excellent treat for a summer wedding. Autumn brides can serve seasonal desserts such as homemade apple crisp and cinnamon ice cream to their guests. Additionally, you can serve a traditional wedding cake; the homespun texture of butter cream frosting complements a rustic setting better than fondant's artificially smooth finish. (However, if your wedding is in the summer, ensure that your cake does not melt in the heat.)

With these tips in mind, planning a lovely pastoral wedding will be a breeze. You can achieve the ideal balance of country charm and wedding elegance for a warm and welcoming wedding. Your guests will undoubtedly enjoy a properly rustic wedding!

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